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Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Download 123 PDF Converter

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PDF Converter
The PDF conversion software is an easy way to convert PDF to Doc, Excel, Images and Postscript. With the help of 123 PDF converter, the user can easily convert his PDF documents to Word document, Excel document, Images and Postscript. The documents that are converted with the help of this software can be easily edited according to requirement. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature enables the user to convert scanned PDF files into editable Word format. These files are converted into flowing text format.
The formatting of the original document is retained after conversion. You will find that the text, layout, images and tables all will remain intact. 123 PDF converter allows user to extract relevant images like logos, banners etc from the PDF file. The user can convert his PDF files to .rtf format according to his requirement.

Exclusive features of 123 PDF converter
Convert PDF to Word
By using 123 PDF converter you can easily convert your PDF files to Word. The software allows you to make changes in the converted document which will be in Word format. The user need not worry about the layout of his document as the software saves the original layout of the document while converting.
Convert PDF to Excel
The user can easily convert PDF files to Excel by using 123 PDF Converter. The software helps you to convert your PDF file into one excel sheet. For clear understanding the software clearly splits multiple pages by single line and numbers all pages precisely.
Convert PDF to Image
123 PDF Converter enables users to convert PDF files to Image. By using this miraculous software the users can convert their PDF files into JPEG format. The software creates separate image for every page and stores it in a specified folder to be used at any point of time.
Convert PDF to Postscript
With 123 PDF Converter the users can easily convert PDF files to postscript. The software allows user to select and realize the end result or the final output.
Extract Images
The software helps user to extract images from PDF files.
Scanned PDF file conversion to Word Format
With the high technology based OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, you can smoothly convert the scanned PDF files into Word format. This feature equips you to utilize valuable information locked in the scanned PDF documents. You will get the converted document in a flowing text format.
Numerous text formats
The software supports a number of formats and helps a user to convert his PDF file in number of formats like .doc or .rtf.
Batch conversation
123 PDF Converter enables a user to convert his multiple PDF files to word or .rtf format while making use of its batch conversation ability.
Partial conversations by defining pages
123 PDF Converter supports partial conversations. The software enables user to convert his PDF files partially by defining the pages that he wants to get converted. Pages can be defined by convert page no, 1,3,4,5,....6-10,....for conversion.
Customize the language
123 PDF Converter customizes the language of the user interface by selecting from 10 international languages.

Download 123 PDF Converter

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    123 PDF converter promises users a simple solution to the problem of converting PDF files into easy-to-use word files. It is robust software providing a distinctive combination of various types of conversion facilities, and it is a powerful, easy to use tool that gives you conversion options like never before. Thank you...

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